Madeleine is quite contentedly studying a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney, majoring in English. While she is mostly occupied being content studying at uni, she uses her spare time to write bits and pieces around the town for those lovely people who will have her (nice employers).

She hopes that one day she will be able to call herself a Proper Writer (Madeleine suffers from a serious condition of having a book inside of her). She likes loud music, vintage dresses and books, and curls her hair around her fingers when she is thinking (which, as we have witnessed at work and at uni, is often).

While she might not get any work done with all this hair curling, the reason she got involved with the project was because it gives her a chance to write, to meet and work with some lovely people (damn right), and to be involved in something innovative and exciting while she is still young enough to appreciate it. You go, Glen Coco.