Sam is currently knee-deep in his final Honours year of a Bachelor of Business at Charles Sturt University at the Bathurst campus.

He majored in Psychology, and is writing about consumer psychology for his Honours thesis. Sam describes this as “how to manipulate people into spending all their money,” which is code for being on an upcoming episode of A Current Affair.

“This degree is a great way for me to begin to apply what I learnt in psychology to a closely-related business context that I never thought of when I began studying in 2009. After realising that I couldn’t really see myself as a counsellor of any sort, I was introduced to the field of marketing, and made the arrangements to move more towards that direction of study. The ease with which I was able to transfer is testament to the flexibility on which CSU prides itself.”

Sam is the Charles Sturt University content contributor, and contributes as both a writer and photographer.