When asked about herself, Talisa described Talisa in a nutshell: hollow, flavoursome and tasting like macadamias. Wait, that’s not right. Talisa is actually a raging caffeine addict, major procrastinator and someone who simultaneously cares about the plight of children in Somalia, as well as what she is going to wear to ‘that party’ on the weekend.

“My guilty pleasures include trashy popular fiction and mindless action flicks. Bring on the guns, both types!” Talisa says, laughing at her own joke as she is still getting ready for ‘that party’ she hopes Arnie will be at.

She studies a Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) at the University of NSW. With no more to go on than a few blurbs in the UAC handbook, Talisa got lucky when it came to choosing her degree and university. She hopes that What Degree? Which University? will mean more students get lucky, in a platonic, I-like-university kind of way.