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What Degree? Which University? is your guide to making an informed decision about what degree to study, and at which university. Our website is written and run by the students themselves, to equip you with authentic information based on real experiences. Instead of official jargon, we give you the facts straight up. You can use What Degree? Which University? to search information by degrees, by universities, or even by subject areas and interests by using our keyword search bar.

How do I find information about degrees?

Click on the tab named “What Degree?” on the options bar at the top of the homepage to search information by degrees. You can then search degrees from categories including Arts & Education, Business & Economics, Law, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture & Design, Info. Technology, and Nursing. Since each of these categories features degrees from universities in Sydney and across New South Wales, Melbourne, Brisbane and greater Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Darwin and Tasmania, with more universities coming soon, this is a good search option if you want to find about the different degrees on offer in any particular discipline and get an idea of what sets them apart.

You can also find information about what makes each degree unique by reading our Compare and Contrast articles. In these articles, we identify the key features of each degree in any given subject area, and speak to current students to find out, for instance, what makes a law degree at UNSW different from a law degree at Macquarie University or UTS. You can find these articles at the top of the Arts & Education, Business & Economics, and Law degree pages with more to follow over the coming months.

How do I find information about universities?

Click on the tab named “Which Uni?” on the options bar at the top of the homepage to search information by universities. Each university is organised according to State. This is a great search option if you have an idea of what university you would like to attend or which State you want to study in, or you want to compare degrees at different universities in your State or across Australia.

How do I find testimonials from current students?

You can read about the experiences of students currently studying degrees that interest you by viewing our Student Profiles. Simply click on the “Which Uni?” tab on the homepage and then click the “Student Profiles” link located under each State heading.

What if I have no idea what I want to study?

If you are scratching your head over what degree is right for you, you are not alone. It can be hard to know what might interest you at university when the degrees on offer bare little resemblance to your subjects at high school.

A good place to start is by entering the names of subjects you particularly enjoy into the “Search Keyword” bar on our homepage. This will provide you with the links to all university degrees related to that subject. You can even type in your areas of interest, such as “sport”, “design” or “publishing” to get an idea of how they might be incorporated into a degree.

Looking further ahead, check out the “After Uni” section to find out what careers you might be interested in doing one day, and then work backwards to decide what you need to study to get there.   

I’m a writer or photographer, how can I contribute?

We are always on the look-out for contributors to our website. If you are a writer looking to build your portfolio of published work, you can contribute feature articles or blog posts to our website on culture and lifestyle or study and issues related to students. Send an expression of interest to astha@bathtubproductions.com.

If you are a photographer looking to increase your exposure, you can submit photographs to our Photo of the Week section. Your snaps will be featured on our homepage and shared on our Facebook page. Email photographs to astha@bathtubproductions.com with the subject heading “Photo of the Week”. 

The Other Stuff

When you need a break from all this talk of study, you can jump over to our “Lifestyle” section to read about the latest student news and events; take a look at the “Student Housing” section to find out the best and most affordable housing options for uni students, visit our “Survival Guide” for articles about how to make it through the HSC with your nerves in tact, or take a look at the graduate profiles in our “After Uni” section.

We wish you the best of luck in your decisions about life after school!

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or suggestions for what you would like to see on the site, send us an email at astha@bathtubproductions.com.