EY Student Programs

There are many paths to take once you graduate. To give you some ideas we have gathered a number of graduate profiles, from those who have followed a classic career path to those who have careened off the beaten track.

Ambitious and hungry for real work experience now? Become an EY cadet and combine full-time work with part-time studies.

As a cadet, you’ll combine full-time work with part-time university studies. It takes drive and commitment, but EY provides you with the support you need to succeed. You’ll gain valuable experience working with clients and will be exposed to senior managers early so you can learn from some of the best. You’ll also benefit from the training and skills development EY provides, so when you do graduate, the professional experience gained through the cadet program will place you head and shoulders above your peers.

Discover more about our Cadet Program or check out some profiles of our cadets.

Want an easy transition from student to professional? The EY Career Compass Program will show you how.

Discover a new direction. Whoever you want to become, our Career Compass Program will show you how. We will help you to discover more about yourself and your key strengths.

During our structured learning sessions you’ll learn how to evaluate your career options
to make smarter decisions for your future. The Career Compass Program experience is
designed to give you a first hand, birdseye view of EY, so you can find out as much about us as possible: our people, our culture, how we do business, how we operate and most importantly, how we can help you to create your future. Demonstrate that you’re a high achiever and you may be invited to interview for our Vacationer Program.

Here’s just a few comments from our past Career Compass attendees:

“I wanted to find out the type of experiences EY could offer me and as a student how I could make myself more attractive to potential employers.”

“For me it was learning skills and information to help me with transitioning from a student to a professional.”

“The Career Compass Program provides a snapshot experience of EY for a student and an opportunity to discuss career possibilities with professionals and students.”

“The networking and icebreaker sessions have helped me in a variety of professional and social settings – now I know the way to shake someone’s hand and break into a group at an event.”

Applications open in July each year at. Discover more about our Career Compass Program


Want to secure a graduate position early on? Become an EY vacationer.

As a vacationer, you’ll do real-life client work, gain skills development and training, and be exposed to a variety of professional experiences. Not only do you learn about our organisation, you get to apply that knowledge too.

Spend between two weeks and three months with us and show us what you’re capable of and you could be invited to join us after graduation.

Discover more about our Vacationer Program or check out some profiles of vacationers.


You’ve studied hard and you want to put your knowledge and skills to the test. Become an EY graduate.

As a graduate with EY you’ll be able to add value to your clients and shape your career as a professional. You'll begin to build your technical, leadership and communication skills, and be responsible for parts of projects right away, working in a business area of your choice.

Your peers and colleagues will also provide generous support as you complete your Chartered Accountant qualification.

Discover more about our Graduate Program or check out some EY graduate profiles.