5 Reasons Why to Choose UNSW

5 Reasons Why to Choose UNSW

SETTLING IN AT UNI Brendon 05/01/2015 

Are you having an ‘Old El Paso kid’ moment when deciding which university option to choose? Well you can’t choose more than one university. Here’s Brendon's take on why you should choose the University of New South Wales.

How to make the most of Info Day 2015

How to make the most of Info Day 2015

SETTLING IN AT UNI Astha 29/12/2014 

Info Day is your final opportunity to explore the University you’re most interested in before finalising your UAC preferences. If you’re thinking about your study options, we highly recommend you check them out, and follow these tips!

Review: Sydney Theatre Company

Review: Sydney Theatre Company's Switzerland

AROUND TOWN Jimmy Pucci 24/12/2014 

Jimmy Pucci, a Year 12 student at Mosman High School went to watch the production of 'Switzerland' at the Sydney Theatre Company. Read his review here!

Dust yourself off post-ATAR

Dust yourself off post-ATAR

SETTLING IN AT UNI Brendon 22/12/2014 

For thousands of students over the last week, thirteen years of schooling has come to a grand conclusion with the release of the Higher School Certificate results and ATARs. There will be sheer exuberance for students whose hard work has beared fruit, but there will be moments of disappointment from those who have not fulfilled their goals.

Review - ABC

Review - ABC's Inside Schoolies: You Only Live Once

STUDENT LIFE Dominic 18/12/2014 

On Tuesday, the ABC premiered Inside Schoolies with Tom Tilley, to go behind the headlines and inside the heads of young Aussies as they experience the fun, anxiety, hope and confusion of Schoolies. Read Dom's review here.

ATARs are out – now what?

ATARs are out – now what?

SETTLING IN AT UNI Astha 16/12/2014 

Here at What Degree? Which University? we’re stoked for all students in the class of 2014 – well done, the worst is over! Regardless of whether or not you’re happy with your mark, it’s time to start thinking about your next steps. Are you applying for undergraduate study?

Waiting for a University Offer? Here

Waiting for a University Offer? Here's what to do.

SETTLING IN AT UNI Astha 9/12/2014 

With the release of results just around the corner and universities commencing their early round offers, most of us are inevitably nervous about our applications, university offers, and wondering just where you’ll end up next year. If you’re wondering just when you’ll hear about results, check out the handy table of dates that What Degree? Which University? has compiled, as well as our survival guide.

How to cure Post-VCE Boredom

How to cure Post-VCE Boredom

SURVIVING HIGH SCHOOL Michelle 3/12/2014 

You’ve studied your ass off for the entire year but now this nothingness hits you in the face. You don’t want to think about your exams because, let’s face it, you just finished them. What do you do now? Don’t despair! We’ve come up with a little list of things you might want to try to rid yourself of Post-VCE Boredom.

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