Volunteer at Peats Ridge Festival

Peats Ridge Festival is a sustainable annual music and arts event that takes place over three days at New Year’s at Glenworth Valley, only an hour’s drive away from Sydney. With a line-up including the likes of John Butler Trio, The Herd and a Friendly Fires DJ Set, tickets can be pricey, especially if you’re fresh out of school. The perfect way to live it up after finishing Year 12 is to volunteer your way in to Peats Ridge.

The best thing about the volunteer program at Peats Ridge is that it’s not just about picking up rubbish. The volunteer work is divided into teams, to split up the work according to your interests and strengths (in some cases, literal strength). If you’re really short on cash, one thing to look out for is the volunteer programs that don’t require you to shell out cash to buy the deposit on the ticket before Peats refunds you once there’s proof you’ve completed your shifts.

The Street Team

This is for talkative types who get to do all their volunteer work before the Festival even begins. Street Team volunteers will spend six shifts before the Festival out on the streets, handing out flyers, putting up posters, talking about the Festival and promoting the program.


  • You don’t need money on your credit card to pay the deposit;

  • You can get all shifts done early so you don't have to worry closer to or during the festival; and

  • You can do double the amount of shifts and get two tickets before the festival.

Previous Street Team members have said: “Getting people excited for the Festival was great and having all the shifts done before, made the actual Festival really relaxing and enjoyable.”

Labour Team

For those of you with muscles (does definitely not include the writer of this article), the Labour Team are the ones onsite at Glenworth Valley before the Festival begins to help put up fences, dig trenches, unload trucks, lift and carry boxes and materials, setup various festival stores, stages and precincts, perform general carpentry and handyman duties and use basic tools. Labour shifts are also available during the Festival, for those of you who can’t afford time off before it begins.


  • You don't need money in your credit card to pay the deposit;

  • You can get all shifts done early so you don't have to worry about shifts during the festival; and

  • You get to be onsite early and see the Festival being built.

Previous Labour Team members have said: “The best volunteer moment for me was digging the grey water holes for the showers - giving up on the shovels and just climbing in!”

General Team

This team is for the best of the helpful, approachable and versatile people in this world. And also people who want to gaze at the Festival’s artists. General Team volunteers will be helping artists and helping them at the artist lock up, directing traffic on site, helping Festival-goers figure out where to go, scanning and applying wristbands at entry gates and doing admin tasks at various departments on site.


  • You get to work on different parts of the festival;

  • You get to work closely with Festival staff in some roles; and

  • You get to interact with patrons.

Previous General Team members have said: “Meeting the faces of those 'behind the scenes' and getting to be a part of it, really seeing how much effort and dedication goes into the whole festival. Felt like I was treated like a queen with all that delicious food we were given for our meals. YUM!...and THANK YOU!!”

Sustainability Team

Tree huggers and water conservationists: not only is Peats Ridge Festival your spiritual home, but it’s also a chance to practice the message. Sustainability Team volunteers are the Festival’s pride and joy, and help with managing the set up and collection of bins and separating the waste components.


  • You get to work in different parts of the festival;

  • You get to help the environment; and

  • You get to interact with patrons.

Previous Sustainability Team members have said: “I loved being at the recycling stations! People really got into the composting and recycling. Groups of people would have a competition amongst themselves to see who could get the least amount of their rubbish into the landfill bins. The people really wanted to recycle or compost everything.”

Hospitality and Retail Team

For those of you with a foot in the door of hospitality, or those looking for a start, the Hospitality and Retail Team is for you. Volunteers will be helping out in various kitchens and assisting in the setup and running of a variety of stores and cafes. Volunteers may be included in food preparation, making coffee, BBQing, restocking stores, cleaning areas, cash handling, and customer service.


  • You get to interact with patrons;

  • You get to show of culinary skills; and

  • You get experience in hospitality.

Previous Hospitality and Retail Team members have said: “It was great when it rained, and lots of people came into Eden [café] for coffee, and we were able to accommodate them and make their morning better!”

Kids’ Team

This all-ages Festival sees lots of kids through its doors, and needs a good crew to keep them all entertained. Previous experience working with children is a must, as members of the Kids’ Team will be assisting in children’s activities such as mask making, craft activities, supervising the wetzone (sounds amazing), face painting and other exciting activities.


  • You get to act like a kid again; and

  • You get to interact with patrons.

Previous Kids’ Team members have said: “Two of my shifts were face painting on Kids on the Hill and it was so amazing seeing how excited some of the kids got when I was done and they saw their faces in the mirror. To me it was pretty average, but to them it was the coolest thing ever. That was really rewarding.”

Arts and Décor Team

For all you creative spirits out there, this is the team for you. Arts and Décor Team volunteers will assist with painting, sewing, sculpting, sign writing, chalkboard sign writing, arts management, prop making, mask making and everything in between. Some roles will call for the ability to provide assistance to artists setting up onsite or providing artistic direction to other volunteers.


  • You get to have your art on display;

  • You get to be messy and creative; and

  • You get to come early to the festival.

Previous Arts and Décor Team members have said: “Seeing the punters admire the pieces of decor that I was involved in was really cool.”

Marketing Team

This is the perfect way to get some experience in all things marketing. The Marketing Team will help manage the Festival’s media area, provide support for the Marketing Manager and help show the Festival’s partners and sponsors a good time.


  • You get to work on different parts of the festival;

  • You get to work closely with Festival staff in some roles; and

  • You get to interact with patrons and sponsors.

Previous Marketing Team members have said: “Just being a part of the behind-the-scenes action of Peats. It was so much fun!”

Packdown Team

Spend 2-8 January 2013 as part of the Peats Packdown Team and get a free ticket to Peats Ridge 2013! As part of the Packdown Team, you will be helping clean up the site, dismantling structures, cleaning and loading containers with hospitality, arts and décor items and help to return the site to what it was pre-festival. Members of this team will work 7 half days and get to enjoy the beautiful Glenworth Valley for the rest of the day and make some new friends while working and relaxing together. 40 people max, so get in quick!


  • You get to spend a week in the Valley post-Festival;

  • You get to work half days and enjoy beautiful Glenworth Valley for the rest of the day;

  • You get a ticket to Peats 2012 and Peats 2013; and

  • You get meals and evening entertainment each day.


How it works


Shifts are 5-6 hours long, including sign in and sign out and any pre-shift briefings.
When you can take your shifts. Choose options 1 and 2 if you want to do your shifts before the festival and not pay a deposit:

  • Option 1 (Street Team): Six shifts from October to December 2012;

  • Option 2 (Pre Festival): Two full days on site any time up to 24 December 2012;

  • Option 3 (Festival): Three shifts between 26 December 2012-1 January 2013 - including one compulsory night shift (starting after 4pm) OR four day shifts;

  • Option 4 (Night Festival): Two night shifts (starting after 4pm) between 26 December and 1 January 2013; or

  • Option 5 (Packdown Crew): Complete 7 shifts from 2-8 January 2013 (special conditions and incentives apply).


The deposit system ensures Peats Ridge is populated with hardworking volunteers who want to be there. Volunteer tickets cost the same as an adult pass: $340.00, including admin fees. You can either pay the amount in full after selecting a volunteer team, or pay in two installments of $170.00: one installment before you select a team, and the second due before 15 December, 2012.
Make your payment via the Peats Ridge Volunteer web page here.

For all the info about volunteering at Peats Ridge Festival, visit: www.peatsridgefestival.com.au/volunteer/.