Bachelor of Laws @ UQ

Bachelor of Laws

A Bachelor of Laws from the University of Queensland is often viewed as a prestigious study option.


731401 (with Science)
737102 (with Journalism)
707401 (with Arts)
714201 (with Economics)
711901 (with Commerce)
711401 (with Business Management)



Degree Length

4 years full-time (as a single degree)



Degree Structure

Compulsory units (38 credit points) + Elective Units (18 credit points) + Non-Law Electives (8 credit points) = 64 units



Can be combined with

Science, Journalism, Arts, Economics, Commerce, and Business Management.




St Lucia campus

All students complete core units that enable them to confidently practice Law within Tort, Constitutional, Public, Criminal, Taxation, Administrative, Property, Trusts and Corporate areas. Additionally, students develop skills in critical analysis, logic and problem solving – all required skills for effective practice in the real world. Upon graduation students fulfil all necessary requirements to practice as a lawyer throughout Australia, opening up many job opportunities as solicitors and barristers in all areas of the legal profession. As an additional accolade for high achievers, honours are awarded upon graduation based on grade point average.

Core Units: Legal Method; Law and Society; Law of Torts A & B; Public Law; Constitutional Law; public Law A & B; Criminal Law and Procedure A & B; Administrative Law; Law of Property A & B; Law of Trusts A & B; Law of Remedies; Jurisprudence; Corporate Law; Structure of Private Law.

Course Requirements

2012 OP/Rank

2/97 (with all degree combinations)



2013 OP/Rank

3/97 (with all degree combinations)



Entry Requirements

Queensland Year 12 or equivalent.
Assumed knowledge: English.

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Student Profiles in Law


Max is an 18 year old student in his first year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies at UNSW (Kensington campus). He is majoring in International Business and Spanish.

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Hermione is a 19 year old student in her first year of a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in French and International Business.

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Phoebe is a 21 year old student in the third year of a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at UTS (City campus). She is majoring in Economics.

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Stephen is a 25 year old student in his fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University (North Ryde campus). He is majoring in Media Studies.

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