Bachelor of Arts @ UTAS

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts is a very broad degree, with a lot of scope for specialisation. It is designed to improve student’s abilities in many areas relating to the humanities, social sciences, interdisciplinary studies and the performing arts. Emphasised skills include expression, both written and linguistic, capacity for reasoned criticism and objective analysis and interpretation.


13A (with Arts)
13J (with Business)
13H (with Computing)
13G (with Economics)
13I (with Fine Arts)
63C (with Laws)
13M (with Science)



Degree Length

3 years full-time



Degree Structure

8 major subject units (2 introductory + 2 intermediate + 4 advanced) + 4 minor subject units ( 2 introductory + 2 intermediate) + 4 degree electives (2 introductory, 2 intermediate or advanced) + 8 Student electives (can be from any area of the University, provided you meet the unit level requirements) = 24 units



Can be combined with

Business; Computing; Economics; Fine Arts; Laws; and Science.




Hobart; Launceston; and Cradle Coast campuses

The structure of a Bachelor of Arts is very broad, with no compulsory core units for the whole degree. Students may choose one major, one minor, four degree electives from a list of up to 569 subjects and four student electives from any part of the University, provided they meet the unit level requirements. Each year is designed to build upon the one previous, progressing from introductory level units through intermediate to advanced in the final year.

The degree may be combined with several other degrees, allowing for greater career options and flexibility outside of University.

Majors available: Aboriginal Studies, Ancient Civilisations, Ancient Greek, Art Theory, Asian religions and Comparative Philosophy, Asian Studies, behavioural Studies, Chinese, Criminology, English, European Studies, French, Gender Studies, Geography and Environmental Studies, German, History, Indonesian, International Relations, Japanese; Journalism, Media and Communications; Latin, Music History, Music Skills, Music Technology, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy and Sociology.

Course Requirements

2011 Minimum ATAR

65.00 (with Business)
65.00 (with Computing)
65.00 (with Economics)
65.00 (with Fine Arts)
92.00 (with Laws)
65.00 (with Science)



2012 Minimum ATAR




Entry Requirements

Minimum university entrance requirements, that is, at least a Satisfactory Achievement in 4 TCE pre-tertiary subjects, a year 11/12 ATAR score, an International Baccalaureate diploma, some TAFE courses, or an enabling programme of prior university study.
If you apply for a combined Laws degree, you can either apply for direct entry from year 12, have completed an undergraduate degree already, or completed the first year of your degree with Into to Law and Legal Systems as units.


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Student Profiles in Arts & Education


Sarina is a 22 year-old student in her fifth year of a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in Theatre and Performance and Education.

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Katherine is a 20 year old student in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW (Kensington campus). She majors in English and History.

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Gabriella is a 21 year old student in her honours year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW (COFA) majoring in Painting.

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Danica is an 18 year old student in her first year of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in Education and Chinese studies .

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