Bachelor of Laws @ UTAS

Bachelor of Laws

The Bachelor of Laws is a degree aimed at those who wish to practice law, or work in other related areas. In today’s changing world, people with a law degree are increasingly working in other areas such as policy making, industrial legal officer, finance or publishing.


63C (with Arts)
63G (with Computing)
63H (with Business)
63D (with Economics)
63F (with Information Systems)
63E (with Science)



Degree Length

3 years full-time



Degree Structure

8 introductory units (6 from any faculty, plus 2 compulsory law units) + 8 intermediate units (all law units) + 16 advanced units + a moot = 32 units



Can be combined with

Arts; Computing; Business; Economics; Information Systems; and Science.




Hobart campus

This degree allows students to become lawyers, provided they then undertake a 6 month legal practice course. The initial year is designed to allow students to gain some broader educational contexts with which to reinforce their further studies in Law.

Students must choose one unit from three different schedules to study in their third year, and must study a total of four more in the fourth year. These allow students to study specific areas of law that interest them, such as the law of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, Law of Nations or Biotechnology law.

In the final year, students must participate in a moot, a simulated court case. This unit does not count towards the degree requirements, but is a requirement of graduation.

Core units: Introduction to Law, Legal Systems, Contract Law A and B, Torts A and B, Criminal Law A and B, Administrative Law, Constitutional law I and II, Property Law A and B, Corporations Law I and II, Trusts, Evidence, Equity, Criminal and Civil Procedure and Professional Conduct.

Course Requirements

2012 Minimum ATAR




2013 Minimum ATAR




Entry Requirements

The Bachelor of Laws is a quota restricted degree, meaning applicants will be ranked on their previous academic performance. For a direct entry from college or High School, students must have an ITI of at least 90, and will undertake the first year of another degree, while studying Introduction to Law and Legal Systems. General entry students must take these first units, and entrance will be ranked on success in first year. Graduate entrance students will be exempt from the first year, and entrance is by academic performance.


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Student Profiles in Law


Max is an 18 year old student in his first year of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Studies at UNSW (Kensington campus). He is majoring in International Business and Spanish.

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Hermione is a 19 year old student in her first year of a Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Laws at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in French and International Business.

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Phoebe is a 21 year old student in the third year of a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Laws at UTS (City campus). She is majoring in Economics.

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Stephen is a 25 year old student in his fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University (North Ryde campus). He is majoring in Media Studies.

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