Bachelor of Arts @ Melbourne

Bachelor of Arts

A Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne offers students a broad-based study of the humanities and social sciences with an opportunity to study a wide range of subjects and focus on the area which interests them most.





Degree Length

3 years full-time



Degree Structure

Arts units (225 credit points) + Elective units (25 credit points) + Breadth units (50 credit points) = 300 credit points



Can be combined with                                     

Diploma in Informatics, Diploma in Modern Languages, Diploma in Mathematical Sciences, Diploma in Music (Practical), and U21 Diploma in Global Issues.




Parkville campus

Students will have the opportunity to explore the entire Arts Faculty through their degree. Students are to complete two majors or a major and a minor in any Arts specialisation of their choice. In the first year of their studies, students will select one of four ‘interdisciplinary’ units allocated by the Faculty. This is a compulsory subject that cuts across several faculties, providing students with a broad exposure to subjects throughout the Arts degree. In the final year of their majors, students will be required to complete a ‘Capstone’ unit to consolidate and deepen their studies. This is a compulsory subject designed specifically for your major of choice. Furthermore, students will select four classes from outside of their Faculty in the first and second years, as part of the Bachelor’s ‘Breadth’ stream. This allows students to trial subjects they may be interested in pursuing in post-graduate studies.

Compulsory units include one ‘interdisciplinary’ unit in first year, and four ‘Breadth’ units throughout the degree.

Majors available: Ancient World Studies; Anthropology & Social Theory; Arabic; Asian Studies; Australian Indigenous Studies; Australian Studies; Chinese Language; Chinese Studies; Chinese Development Studies; Creative Writing; Criminology; Economics; English Language Studies; English and Theatre Studies; Environmental Studies; European Studies; French; Gender Studies; Geography; German; Hebrew and Jewish Studies; History; History and Philosophy of Science; Indonesian; Islamic Studies; Italian; Japanese; Linguistics; Media and Communication; Philosophy; Politics and International Studies; Psychology; Russian; Screen and Cultural Studies; Sociology; Spanish and Latin American Studies; Swedish; and Social Theory.

Course Requirements

2011 ATAR




2012 ATAR




Entry Requirements

Successful completion of Victorian Certificate of Education (or interstate equivalent)
A study score of at least 25 in English or English Literature or 30 in ESL


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Student Profiles in Arts & Education


Sarina is a 22 year-old student in her fifth year of a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in Theatre and Performance and Education and expects to graduate in 2012.

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Katherine is a 20 year old student in her third year of a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW (Kensington campus). She majors in English and History and expects to graduate in 2012.

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Gabriella is a 21 year old student in her honours year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW (COFA) majoring in Painting. She expects to graduate in 2012.

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Danica is an 18 year old student in her first year of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at UNSW (Kensington campus). She is majoring in Education and Chinese studies and expects to graduate in 2014.

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