Monash University Accommodation

Regardless of your situation, moving out of home can be a daunting experience. Living on campus can be great way to ease the transition to independent living. Monash Uni has several accommodation facilities on most of the university’s campuses.

On-Campus Accommodation

Berwick On-Campus Accommodation

The Berwick campus offers students two accommodation facilities; the Berwick Halls and the North Flats. The Berwick Halls can house up to 114 students and provides the option of two room styles. Students may select either a single bedroom with a private bathroom, or a room in a four bedroom shared apartment. Both room types are fully furnished and include an internet connection, telephone services and a free laundry. Kitchen, dining and lounge facilities are shared by students.

The North Flats consists of six shared units each with five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry and modern kitchen, dining and lounge facilities. These units are usually occupied by students in higher levels of study as they require more independent living. Students will need to provide their own cooking and eating utensils and linen.

All students living at Berwick accommodation will have access to the Berwick Pavilion. The Pavilion contains a digital projector, Playstation, TV, DVD player, Foxtel and table tennis, foosball and pool tables. It is a great place to have a break from study and hang out with friends. It is also home to the Berwick Residential Operations office where you can find information and support for any accommodation needs.

The cost per week for a room in the Berwick Halls is $212.80 while the North Flats is $201.25 per week. This cost includes electricity, water and gas, cleaning and internet and telephone access. Students must also add $19.15 per week in auxiliary fees. Auxiliary fees include an application fee, building and amenities fee and internet and telephone levy.


Clayton On-Campus Accommodation

The Clayton campus has an extensive number of accommodation options. Students may select from Deakin Hall, Howitt Hall, Farrer Hall, Roberts Hall, Richardson Hall, Normanby House and the South East Flats. Each of the Halls and Normanby House include single bedrooms, shared kitchens and bathrooms and common rooms. The common rooms will vary from hall to hall, but they generally contain a TV room, music room and games room allowing students several areas to socialise and get to know others in their building. Some halls will also have a study area so you’re not limited to study in your room. Students living in this accommodation have further access to a sporting ground, theatre, cafe and dining area, parking and function room.

The South East flats are fully self-contained flats that vary in size from two to five bedrooms. There are 30 flats in total housing 112 students in a more private living environment. As the name suggests, the flats are located in the south east area of the campus with a large communal building, the Pavilion, close by. The Pavilion gives students a place to go when they want to get out of their rooms. It is a great area to socialise in and contains pool table, tennis table, TV, projector screen, DVD player, Foxtel and kitchen and lounge facilities.

The rent for a one bedroom room in the halls of residence is $28.75 per day, or $32.00 with an ensuite. Normanby House accommodation is rather similar with one bedroom rooms at $29.75 per day and $32.00 with an ensuite. The South East Flats determine rent according to the number of bedrooms. A two bedroom flat will cost $220.50 per week, a three bedroom $206.50 per week, a four bedroom $203.00 per week and a five bedroom $201.25 per week. This payment includes water, electricity and fortnightly cleaning. Students must add $19.62 to their weekly rent costs to cover all auxiliary fees.

New Clayton On-Campus Accommodation

Clayton will this year become the first Australian university to provide students with cheaper accommodation through the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). Under the scheme, the Australian government has agreed to invest in the provision of affordable rental housing enabling students the opportunity to gain access to cheaper accommodation. The new NRAS accommodation contains two halls, Briggs Hall and Jackomos Hall. Both halls provide students with very similar accommodation, housing 300 students in self contained studio apartments. Each apartment includes a kitchen and en-suite along with several furnishings such as a king single bed and mattress, small dining table and chair, desk, wardrobe and drawers. Students will also have access to a communal room on each floor along with a main common room, music room, games room and laundry. Students must meet several criteria to be eligible for accommodation at the Briggs and Jackomos halls. The rental cost will be $245 per week inclusive of all water, electricity, internet and telephone fees.

To check whether you are eligible, visit here.

Gippsland On-Campus Accommodation

The Gippsland campus has recently updated their accommodation facilities to include the South Units, North Units, West Houses and the new Halls of Residence. The South Units consist of nine units with 81 rooms. The units contain a kitchen, bathroom and lounge facilities with two units providing students with their own en-suites. Students are able to select from a South double room which includes both a bedroom and study, the South large room with a larger floor space or the South standard room. Each room is fully furnished, but students will need to bring their own linen, TV and computer.
The West Houses are self contained six bedroom units. Each unit has a kitchen, lounge, dining area, bathroom, telephone and washing machine and dyer. Cleaning is completed weekly in communal areas, but students must take responsibility for the upkeep of their own bedrooms.

The North houses are designed for students completing post-graduate studies. The houses are able to accommodate a total of 35 students and vary from containing only common facilities to common facilities plus a private ensuite.

The new Halls of Residence are located just near the West Houses. There are 50 beds to accommodate students with three room styles available. 30 of the rooms contain an ensuite, 17 bedrooms share five bathroom facilities and three rooms are designed for students with a physical impairment. Students will have access to phone and internet services along with several new common room facilities.

All rent costs include water, electricity, gas, cleaning and telephone and internet access. The West House units cost $149.80 in rent per week, while the South Units cost $149.80 for a standard room or $175 for a large or double room. The North Units are also $149.80 for a standard room or $175 for a room with a private en-suite. The Halls of Residence will charge $161 per week for a standard room or $175 for a room with an en-suite. Students must add an additional $20.12 to all weekly rent costs for the payment of auxiliary fees.

Peninsula On-Campus Accommodation

Peninsula campus is home to a student village at the rear of the campus. The village comprises of eight bedroom residences with shared kitchen, lounge, dining, laundry, bathroom and outdoor BBQ facilities. Each of the residences has two bathrooms and three common areas enabling students to better accommodate the large amount of students. An extension of the student village is the Lardner road house located in the north east corner of the campus. The house contains six bedrooms and has shared kitchen, lounge room, dining, bathroom and laundry facilities. The houses contain three bathrooms enabling students to only have to share a bathroom with one other person.  Students are required to pay $167.30 in rent which includes water, gas and electricity for both the student village and Lardner road house.

For other fees visit here.

Off-Campus Accommodation

For those of you interested in the independence of off-campus accommodation, Monash can still help! The Caulfield and Peninsula campuses have purchased off-campus houses and apartments available for you to rent.


Caulfield Off-Campus Accommodation

The Caulfield campus provides students with 89 rooms of accommodation at the International Mews Apartments. Most apartments consist of five bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms, one toilet and a washing machine and dyer. Such units tend to contain students of single gender. There are a limited number of two bedroom apartments available also for students to consider. Each bedroom is furnished with a single bed and mattress, built in wardrobe desk, chair, bookshelf and bin. The apartments are located on Dandenong and Waverly Roads, which are approximately a 10 minute walk from the campus.

The cost of rent per week to students is dependent on room size. A five bedroom small apartment is $206.50 per week, while a five bedroom standard apartment and a two bedroom apartment are both $220.50 per week. These charges include gas, water and cleaning costs however, students must pay an additional $15.05 per person per week for electricity. Auxiliary fees of $9.65 must also be added to each week’s rent.

Peninsula Off-Campus Accommodation

Peninsula off-campus accommodation is in the form of both units and houses. Students may choose to live in either to Samada or Bloom street units or the Holmes street house. The Samada street units are of one or two bedroom design and contain a communal kitchen, lounge room, dining area, bathroom, toilet and laundry. The units are located within walking distance of the campus and one is suited for students with physical impairment. The Bloom street units follow the same design as the Samada street units, but are of four bedroom design. They are located on the boundary of the university eliminating commute time and costs. The Holmes street house is a recently refurbished three bedroom property located within walking distance of the campus. Occupants share a kitchen, lounge room, dining, bathroom and laundry along with a large backyard

For information on rental fees for off-campus Peninsula accommodation, visit here.

How to Apply

Applications for all types of accommodation at each campus opened in August 2011. To apply visit here and fill out an application form that you will send in to your campus. Depending on the campus you are on and the accommodation you select, an application fee may exist.

Essentially, those students who apply first will be the first to obtain a place in accommodation selected. Due to the high demand for accommodation both on and off-campus, students are likely to be placed on a waiting list until a place becomes available. Although applications opened in the middle of last year, don’t be deterred from applying now. There may still be accommodation available on your campus, and if not you will be first in for a room next year or even next semester.

What if I Decide to Rent a Private Residence?

For students who would prefer living off campus in a private rental property or share house, Monash will still provide support. The Monash Residential Service website has all the information you need to successfully find and rent a property in Victoria. Visit here  for all you will need to know.