What Subjects Suit Your Personality?

Choosing which subjects to study can be tough. By now, future year 9 and year 11 students will have already made their subject selections but nothing is yet set in stone! Most schools allow you to alter your subject choices in the first few weeks of the new school year so read our article to see which subjects may best suit your personality.

Are you a daydreaming creative?

Are you carefree and not too fussed about your marks, but like to work hard on things that peak your interest? Do you stare out the window during maths class and wish there was something you could draw that isn’t a Pi symbol? If you answered yes, then you fit right into this category!

The best subjects for you are those that allow you be hands-on and artsy. Subjects where you can draw, paint and create basically anything within your imagination! English also suits you to a tee (never mind that it’s compulsory), and English courses always have a creative elements where you can be extremely crafty with your responses  (within reason of course!). If you grasp English easily and love to read then consider an advanced course, otherwise a standard/mainstream course will be best for you. If you are a massive bookworm, then additional English courses like Literature and Extension English (depending on which state you are in)  are not only a great choice, but have the potential to become seriously addictive…Just think, discussing books all lesson, with people that are just as passionate as you are…what could be better?  Theatre studies and drama subjects are also a great choice. They are a time for you to let your inner drama queen (or king) out, and get recognised for it!

Are you a smarty pants?

I’m not quite sure how this is possible, but do you love to study? Do you love methods and technicalities?  Is it simply natural to have your workbooks and notes all organised, and a study timetable hanging on your bedroom wall in place of posters? .

You would probably love physics, as it is very methodical and sensible. If maths is your thing then advanced maths subjects are great options as they provide a challenge. Commerce subjects such as Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies also revolve around meticulous preparation. If you also have a creative steak then you may enjoy design courses like Design and Technology or Visual Communication as you are able to plan and design work to the exact millimetre. Literally!

Are you a little bit quirky and eccentric? (Not to mention very curious!)

Do you not only think outside the box, but wonder about every single thing that pops into your brain. Do you tend to always want the answers, and cannot rest until they have been obtained?

If your school offers a psychology class then consider taking it! It appeals to different groups of people and isn’t a difficult subject to study for—believe it or not. It also allows for a bit of fun now and again. Philosophy subjects are also a good match for naturally inquisitive people as you take a closer look at all of life’s  big questions from this era and those from centuries ago. Society and Culture is a great subject for those interested in human nature and the way others live.  Other humanities subjects such as Geography and History will also be great for you. This is a time for you to learn about the land in which we live and what has happened in bygone eras. History is an especially great subject for those that have a good memory and love hearing true facts and stories.

Are you just wanting to keep your options open?

Are you content to do subjects that will give you an all-round education and prepare you for future study in a wide range of fields? Then read on!

Biology is a lot of fun, with almost 50% of the classwork being practical work—a section that most people enjoy significantly. Chemistry also contains worthwhile content to learn, and gives each and every student a challenge, as well as encouraging problem solving. General maths courses are suited to everyone, and with the wide range of topics studies, it is bound to please everyone at some point (maybe….). History,  geography and commerce subjects are also great things to study for an all-round education.


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